November 21, 2009

Vegan Heavy Cream/Whipped Cream

Things that can be used as a replacement for heavy cream:

Vegan creamer
Plant milk (High fat coconut, hemp, and soy are the best due to their thickness but other plant milks can be used) + 1-3 tablespoons crushed nuts (cashew is best) or cornstarch or vegan milk powder per cup of milk.
Silken tofu
Vegan sour cream or cream cheese
Provamel Heavy Soya Cream
Soyatoo Organic Topping Cream
MimicCreme Cream Substitute

Vegan Heavy Cream
Vegan Heavy Cream (Crème Fraiche substitute)
Heavy Cream as Promised
Better than Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream recipe 1
Whipped Cream recipe 2

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