January 9, 2011

My Ethnic Cuisines

Cape Verdean
Cape Verdean Recipes
Cape Verde Vegetable Soup
122 Vegan Sub-Saharan African Recipes

Venezuelan Black Beans & Cilantro Rice
121 Vegan South & Central American Recipes
Vegan Tostones (Fried Plantains) with Spicy Lime Sea Salt
Vegetarian Times Latin American Recipes

Mom's Vegan Callaloo
TriniGourmet: Vegan
Trinidadian Roti – An Overview
Green Beans and Potato Curry with Trinidadian Spices
Trinidadian Rotis Stuffed With Split Peas
81 Vegan Caribbean Recipes
Yellow Split Pea Puree, Trinidad Style
Trinidadian Black-Eyed Peas
Trinidad Callaloo (vegetarian)
Vegan In The Sun: Trinidadian Delicacies
Vegetarian Times Caribbean Recipes

EarthVegan: French
87 Vegan French/Mediterranean Recipes
Vegan Cannoli with Chocolate Chip Cheese Filling (Pure Italian Joy!)Vegan Cannoli with Chocolate Chip Cheese Filling
Vegan Cannoli's
Basic Vegan Croissants
Vegan Croissants/Pain au Chocolat
Vegan Crepes
Vegan Madeleine
Crème Brûlée
Steak Frites
Baguette with Homemade Aioli
Vegan Omelette for One
Vegetarian Times French Recipes

Blackfoot Indian
Coopee' (Berry Soup)
Lima Bean Soup (use plant meats)
Wild Rice Stuffing (use vegan broth and butter)
Blackfeet Frybread (use vegan powdered milk)
Vegetarian Times Native American Recipes

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